Interested to find out how coaching could work within your organisation and the benefits you may gain from engaging with a trained coach?

I’d like to introduce you to Dr Catherine Richards who is the principal of a local college, this is a little bit about her experience of bringing me into her organisation:

As well as being a powerful tool for individual clients, coaching is a great way to support staff in the workplace.  Businesses and organisations often go through periods of transition so it’s a good idea to check in with individual team members. Coaching is a great way to develop key skills and foster resilience so everyone can be their best possible selves and do their job effectively.

Before Coaching

Catherine is Principal of a medium sized sixth form college and coaching was recommended to her by someone who’d found it useful. Having some experience of mentoring and counselling, Catherine was keen to find a powerful way of supporting her staff with long lasting effects.

‘At the time the college had just been through a period of transition. I felt we needed an injection of energy.’

After getting a recommendation, Catherine became interested in my services.

‘When I met Emma, I could see she’s got a person-centred approach. I had an open mind and didn’t have a specific target I wanted to achieve. Although our results were continuing to go up each year, it was a case of, can we do even better? What can we do to look at things with a fresh approach?

Initially the primary focus was not about the college but about the individuals and the journeys we’d been on.’

Catherine decided to try a course of coaching with me along with two colleagues so they could assess its usefulness on a wider scale.

‘I didn’t want us to introduce something without being confident in what was involved. I also wanted a better understanding of what coaching means so I could talk to my staff about it. It’s important I’m confident something is worth doing before involving everyone.

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