Workshops are a great way to access coaching.  My workshops are powerful and effective, I like to run them in a relaxed manor, where you will feel comfortable and supported and able to take that first step into discovering what you want in your future and start your journey to being happier!  I have a range of workshops for you to choose from have a look below:

You can use this link to check for and book upcoming events, if you would prefer to book direct, use the link to find a date which works for you and drop me an email.

Building Resilience

Many of us are looking for ways to build resilience right now, come and spend 90 minutes with me to explore ways to build your resilience.
The workshop will begin with a short inspirational story of building resilience, before going into an interactive workshop.

You will walk away with a clear idea of how you can build resilience in your life and continue to build on this work in to your future.

When we feel more resilient life becomes easier and we can become happier and have better relationships in life and business.


#LIFEworkbalance is something many people strive for, but with our busy modern lives, this can feel impossible to achieve. With many of us missing out on much loved hobbies, that all elusive ‘me time’ and most important of all, valuable time with our friends and family.

The great news is I am here to tell you it is possible and not only that, it is essential for our well-being and happiness, benefiting you personally and professionally.  You can take your first step towards this by attending my workshop.

This two hour workshop will help you clearly identify:

  • Where you are currently
  • How this is impacting on your life
  • What is really important to you
  • What you would like to be different
  • How you can make this a reality
  • Clear actions
  • Accountability follow up call

Mental Fitness – what is it and is it for me?

Spend 60 minutes with me to have a glimpse into the world of mental fitness and to see if this is for you!

  • Learn about saboteurs and how they impact you
  • Discover the power of the sage and how you can use it!
  • Consider how, where and why your saboteurs may show up
  • Quick ways you can manage your reactions

Finding your why!

What makes you tick, what inspires you?  Come and spend a day with me to find your why, to really work out your purpose and passion so you can step forward into living a full and happy life with purpose and passion!

  • Explore and identify your why
  • Find ways to reconnect with your why when needed
  • Identify ways to use your why to motivate you
  • Have a clear vision and action points to take away

Unlocking Your Full Potential!

Have you always known there was something deep inside you just waiting to break out, this untapped potential that you know is there and just don’t know how to access it!  If this sounds like you, you may want to get yourself booked onto this exciting new workshop.

Come and spend a day with me and:

  • Spend time tapping into what really makes your heart sing
  • Identify ways to bring this more and more into your daily life
  • Ways to access this energy when you need it
  • Go away with clear ideas and action points to implement into your daily life
  • Follow up accountability call