Coaching is a really powerful tool to help with all situations, particularly in managing stress, anxieties, fears and uncertainty and I work with people on this kind of thing all of the time, with great success.  We cannot change, control or manage what is happening right now, but what we can do is control how we respond to it and cope at this tricky time.

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How can it help right now?

It can help us to find coping strategies, gain a different perspective, manage and rationalise our feelings and so much more, the best thing is, it doesn’t just work for now, the benefits and tools are long term and sustainable.

We can not change what is happening around us, but we can certainly find ways to make it easier for us to get through this time and feel the best we can in the process.

Coaching is such a powerful tool that even a short 10 minute session can really make a difference, I didn’t believe that before my training, but I have seen it in action in my training, I also deliver short punchy sessions and of course I also have my own wonderful coach.

Who will these sessions work for?

I have experience of successfully working with people from all walks of life, from Company Owners and Directors to Principals of Colleges, from teachers to sole traders, from stressed out staff to anxious teenagers, and so many more besides.  Everyone can benefit from great coaching and I work remotely which is perfect, so I can work with anyone anywhere who is struggling right now.

So how will it work?

I am aware many of the fears we are facing right now are not only around health, but also finances, so I am making one off Stress Buster Sessions available for different time slots which makes it accessible to everyone, with sessions starting from just £25.00.

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