I’m Emma.

I offer world class personal development and leadership coaching.

In 2007, I began working with people on a one-to-one basis. Since then, I’ve helped:

  • Individual clients to develop and realise their own potential
  • Company CEOs to understand, reflect on and improve their practice
  • Families to overcome barriers to communication and wellbeing

I’m also an expert in coaching staff in the private and charitable sectors.

My background includes lived experience of overcoming childhood trauma, surviving domestic abuse, and further traumatic experiences in adulthood (including a near fatal car accident).

After starting a career in financial services, I changed path, spending many years working with people in the community as an outreach worker, then supporting people living with complex acquired brain injuries. I’ve also worked with high-risk offenders, helping them with rehabilitation and behaviour change.

I am one of the very few practitioners to earn the Master Certified Coach qualification with the International Coach Federation – an achievement considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in personal development coaching. I am also a certified positive intelligence coach promoting mental fitness.

My understanding of human psychology is underpinned by a strong track record of academic achievement. In recent years I’ve completed a BSc in Combined Social Science and Criminology from the Open University and Yale University’s ‘Science of Happiness’ course. I am currently studying for a Masters in Psychology.

I am dedicated to creating and supporting organisations that deliver positive social value. In 2015 I founded Embrace PFC CIC, a lived experienced led social enterprise based in East Anglia that supports people in the community primarily through coaching, but also through ongoing support, mentoring and signposting.

I am a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, a member of the UnLtd Alumni and I am regularly invited to speak on topics ranging from overcoming adversity and how everything is about choice, to overcoming sabotaging behaviours and what I call #LIFEworkbalance.  I have also published books that explore my personal journey of overcoming adversity and a range of stories designed to equip children to deal with difficult periods of transition, such as moving house. I have also written a chapter in a book about Perimenopause.

Why do people choose to work with me?

People come to me for a variety of reasons. Some experience patterns of behaviour that leave them trapped by past experiences.  Some are worried that they are going through the motions, and things could be so much better. Some are struggling with difficult emotional legacies. Some feel that life has passed them by, and their chance has come and gone. Some just want to improve their focus and dismantle limiting and sabotaging beliefs.

If that sounds like you then you are not alone. Many of us experience phases of life when it seems impossible to move forward. The good news is that working in partnership with me will help you overcome barriers to personal development and live a fulfilled life. You will learn to declutter your mind, set achievable goals, and release yourself from the burdens of the past.

What makes me different?

My approach gets away from generic ‘positive thinking’ to focus on getting to know you as an individual, and most importantly, supporting you to get to know you better!  My coaching is based on science and delivered with love.

As a Master Certified Coach and inspirational facilitator, I understand that everyone is different, and a standard toolbox of techniques will not help you achieve your goals. That’s why my coaching is tailored to your specific requirements.

Finally, when you work with me, you’ll work with someone deeply committed to building a relationship rooted in confidentiality and trust.  Without trust there can be no accountability, and accountability is the key to successful personal development.

‘It is by living these values as a coach and a mentor that I have helped so many people to live the lives they’ve always dreamt of.’

For an informal chat about how I can help you, call me on 07956 679967, email me at [email protected] or book a free 10-minute discovery session. Alternatively, you can book a 30-minute introductory session here.