‘Literally, from the very first session, I could see it was right for the team… Emma was just the right fit for what we needed.’  –  Phil, Managing Director

Some businesses cling to the idea that employees judge the quality of their working lives by the size of their pay packets.

This is a mistake.

Money is not the only metric by which success is measured. It is now a world where staff expect and deserve greater flexibility and more support with their wellbeing. Businesses that recognise this changing landscape are more likely to:

  • retain talent
  • experience reduced staff sickness
  • enjoy greater productivity
  • create happy, motivated teams
  • foster loyalty

If you want to embrace this opportunity for change, give me a call. My coaching will energise your staff and bring a whole new level of commitment and creativity to their day-to-day activities. And with my signature straightforward, personable approach, I’ll help your business create inspiring examples of personal and professional growth.

How do I work?

Using a combination of a mental fitness program, one to one coaching, team building workshops and lunch and learn sessions, I help businesses realise the benefits of a happier workforce.

After working with me, delegates:

  • Increase their positivity and productivity
  • Break down barriers to effective communication
  • Develop resilience and problem-solving skills
  • Improve their mental fitness and wellbeing

My experience of working with large corporations and SMEs means I can adapt my coaching to your individual circumstances and work with groups of any size.

Business leaders

I run a coaching program for C-suite executives looking to optimise their performance and find balance.

Our coaching engagements will be designed around your specific needs and each session will encourage you to reflect on your practice as a senior manager.

During our time together, I will guide you through the process of developing greater clarity and effectiveness in your decision making. By challenging you to reframe the way you think, you’ll gain insights into the way you run your business, maximise your relationships with colleagues and find balance and fulfilment outside of work – an area which is frequently overlooked. In doing so you’ll create value that reaches beyond traditional limitations to embrace truly modern ways of leading and inspiring your workforce, whilst also ensuring your personal life, relationships and goals are nurtured too.

Working with me will create a space where you can be fully you, without pressure or expectation – something which many leaders feel they have lost. I will encourage you to challenge the idea that you must bottle up your feelings and help you step back and discover different perspectives on the way you do business. This will improve your ability to think critically and constructively about your leadership style.

I often help senior executives develop:

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Creative thinking
  • #LIFEworkbalance

There is no one size fits all approach: I can scale up or scale down my program to suit your circumstances; although many clients find an ongoing commitment gives them the time and space they need to develop fresh perspectives.

For more information about how I can help you, book a free 10-minute discovery session. Alternatively, if you want to dive straight in, you can book a 30-minute introductory session. I look forward to talking to you soon…

You can also read powerful stories of personal and professional transformation on my client success stories page.

‘I’m the managing director of a family company so I’m at the top with my parents. It’s quite nice to have someone independent who can see I’m doing a good job. It’s encouraging as it makes you feel good but also focuses me on what else needs to be done. When someone is saying: ‘Why don’t you just do that?’ or ‘Just get on with it’, it makes you more confident in your own ideas.’  – Ben, Managing Director