‘I was lucky enough to know Emma before I undertook my 30-minute introductory session. So, I knew, because of her caring nature I was going to be in ‘safe hands’!

However, what I didn’t know was how intense that 30 minutes was going to be. She really drilled down to my ‘core beliefs’ at hyper speed, which was just what I needed. I didn’t need somewhere where I was going to be given time to come up with , what I thought was the right answer, I needed someone to break down my barriers, and make me face myself.

Challenging stuff, but hugely beneficial. I’d just been through the horrible experience of being ‘let down and trampled’ over by a business colleague who I’d thought was also a friend. Emma helped me to see that I could walk away, with my ‘head held high’ because my ‘core beliefs’ were worth more than the business.

I have advanced in leaps and bounds since then and my life has taken a new direction – I passionately believe that Emma was the spark that ignited my new journey!  Signed  Sally – Forever grateful’