Anna’s Story – Sometimes we don’t really understand what it is that’s preventing us from progressing in the way we would like. Realising and understanding what is going on the in background for us can be the solution to enable us to move on and grow in confidence.

Awareness is key to personal growth and something I help people with through my coaching.

Anna started working with me because she felt there was an underlying problem holding her back from accomplishing her goals that she couldn’t pinpoint.

Two steps forward, two steps back

‘I wanted to start my own business, however after a couple of years I realised it just wasn’t happening. Mentally there was something I couldn’t get over. I knew what I needed to do but was finding it difficult to see the wood for the trees. I had worked with Emma years ago and knowing what kind of a person she is I knew I’d be in good hands if she coached me.’

What Anna initially wanted to gain from the sessions:

‘I knew if I had business objectives to achieve each week this would be good for me; however even with Emma’s help I still wasn’t accomplishing them as I always found myself busy with something else.

It was then that Emma started talking to me about the personal issues in my life and helped me look at my life and commitments from a different perspective.’

Break-through realisation

Talking problems through with a trained professional who is not a family member or friend, gives people the chance to fully be themselves free from judgement or expectation, they can really voice their concerns and say how they feel, which often leads to hidden or unrealised personal revelations.

‘Emma helped me vocalise many of the thoughts that were in my head which I felt I couldn’t say to family or friends. As a result, I came to realise a few things: I began to understand that some of my absence of progression came from me holding myself back on purpose, due to a lack in my confidence.

Through Emma’s coaching I also concluded the other reason my idea wasn’t becoming a reality, wasn’t because it wasn’t good, or that I wasn’t working hard enough, but that I am so overloaded with other commitments I really do not have the time to develop my idea.

I began to understand that I could set my idea aside and not feel bad about the situation or that I had failed. I wouldn’t have come to this realisation and acceptance were it not for spending time with Emma.’

Why the coaching worked

‘Talking openly and honestly gave me the opportunity to say all the things I really needed to vocalise, and this made a big difference. Talking with Emma meant I could speak directly to someone; I really felt Emma listened to me on a one to one basis and didn’t give me generalised business advice, but actual information and support relating directly to me and my needs. Emma also gave me strategies to help with my personal insecurities and helpful tips to increase my confidence when around other people. In my case there wasn’t an obvious solution, but Emma helped me see my problem better — and this in fact became my solution.’

The outcome of the coaching and how Anna now views herself and her life

Once people have finished their coaching, they often feel happier and view situations in a more positive light.

‘Once I’d accepted my realisation, I felt so much better — a weight was lifted. I have learnt to let go of things and just focus on where I am now. Better communication has meant I’ve learnt to manage my stress, people’s expectations and to delegate.

 I really think Emma helps people to be happy — it wasn’t that I was unhappy, but I was unhappy with some of the things in my life and I’m now happier with them. I’ve realised my capacity and know when to stop before things become too much for me, I’m also placing in boundaries to manage what people can expect from me.’

Talking with a professional can often lead to life-changing realisations; if you would like to find out how I can help you, please book yourself a free discovery call and let’s work together to create the future you have always dreamed of!