“As adult Brits, don’t see counsellors or need coaches right? Neither did I,but as a small business owner, there are few people we can turn to when we need rational guidance in our thought processes or work habits to achieve our bigger goals. I needed someone who would challenge my thinking, hold me accountable (To myself) and acknowledge/fix some bad habits. Over 6 weeks my initial goals have been accomplished thanks to Emma’s coaching and results are evident. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma’s coaching to others.” – Mark – Business Owner

‘I had a taster coaching session with Emma before writing some case studies for her. We focused on an area of my life where I had some decisions to make. I was amazed at how quickly the techniques Emma uses gave me clarity and by the end of the call I knew exactly what I needed to do. Emma is a very talented coach and having spoken to several of her clients, she is transforming lives with her work. She comes highly recommended by me!’ – Catherine Hancock – Copywriter

“I always feel calmer after speaking with you.” – Sarah – Project Manager

“I had previously thought that coaching wasn’t something for me. I thought I was doing OK as a business owner of many years. I even advise other business owners regarding their businesses.  However, when I met Emma, I realised that there was a whole other area where a coach could help – with the personal side of things.  I took the opportunity to sign up for one of Emma’s Momentum group coaching sessions as this was a chance to ‘dip my toe in the water’ to see if this was for me.  I was really impressed with how the session challenged me to look at myself differently and I could then see how coaching could be a useful way to approach issues I had but didn’t realise how to solve.  Subsequently, I signed up for an initial set of six personal coaching sessions and I am now towards the end of these. They have made a big difference already and I now realise why I do (or don’t do) certain things.  It has improved me as a person, which has a positive knock on effect for the business.  I would definitely recommend Emma as a coach. She is approachable and empathetic but is also able to challenge you to face up to things you need to do. Most of us don’t realise how beneficial personal coaching can be so I would suggest a Momentum session or a free sample session to start with. You’ll probably end up booking the personal coaching sessions there and then.”  Duncan – Tax Specialist

“I attended one of Emma’s coaching courses recently and I have to say I came away with a different attitude about myself. With Emma’s help I have started to get my self belief and confidence back. Thank you so much Emma I’m looking forward to the next course in three weeks time.” – John – Small Business Owner  (Momentum)

“Simply life changing” – Greg – Small Business Owner

“I’ve spoken to a number of coaches over the years and most never really cut it. One or two were truly terrible. Emma cut through my procrastination and avoidance strategies and made me see what I didn’t want to see.  With a quite disarming smile… Life changing.” – George – Small Business Owner

“You are a great coach and clearly doing what you were born to do!” – Ben – Project Manager

“Emma has helped me with my personal development & self-esteem which has not only benefited me personally but also my business & my dealings with both staff & clients. Emma has shown me what I am actually capable off & encouraged & given me the confidence to further achieve. Thank you so much!” – James – Small Business Owner

“I recognise a good coach when I see one and I clicked with Emma immediately.  She is so giving and I don’t know anybody who cares more for her clients than Emma. It’s not easy to hide during her coaching sessions. She is an expert at asking questions and as any good coach should Emma is not afraid to ask the probing questions. These are exactly the question that can bring a real breakthrough for her clients. She is a natural, has a proven track record of real achievements in life herself so she can relate to her customers from the deepest level of having been there and having done that.  She is inspirational so I will not hesitate to refer anybody that needs personal coaching to Emma.” – Luke – Coach

“I worked with Emma recently, I would highly recommend her. She makes the session very safe & comfortable. She reads her client very well & can smell bulls**t a mile off. She uses this to make sessions more effective. The results where immediate. She helps change your mind set in such a positive way.” – Jim – Small Business Owner

“Emma has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life. Over the past two years I have been moving from an established career in teaching, to building my own business in a new and challenging environment. Although I knew where I wanted to be, I was struggling to find the right path. However, since the sessions with Emma, I now feel empowered to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals. Her calm, focused manner made me feel at ease with the process, and her structured, probing questions connected me with how I was feeling and guided me to make powerful conclusions and decisions. Emma has helped me recognise my fears and now face them head on. It reminds me of a saying that I have seen: I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future.” – Simon – Small Business Owner

“Emma’s coaching sessions are pro-active and empathetic at the same time. I was able to set goals and achieve them afterwards. Thank you” – Michelle – Small Business Owner

“Having never used a Life Coach or having any detailed knowledge of what was involved, I was extremely happy with the way Emma explained and approached our sessions. I was looking for some help to understand and work through situations from a professional and personal point of view and she has given me the tools to do this, enabling me to start making real changes to my life. Emma is very approachable and easy to talk to and makes me feel as though my life is just as important to her as it is to me. Her passion for wanting to help and better the lives of others is very evident. She is a good listener, while also providing challenge where appropriate. She hasn’t just given me face to face coaching, but has also given me in-between sessions support by sending me follow up emails, to remind me / ask me how I am doing with the goals we have set. Working with Emma has helped me to be more confident on my strengths and to overcome procrastination. Her coaching is very insightful and it feels good to know that I now have an independent support structure to help me achieve my goals and improve my life. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who desires change in their life but is not sure where to start – she can help to get you on the right path and then support you along the journey.” – Nick – Project Manager

“I took Emma’s introductory coaching course recently and I found it very helpful; she gave me some useful goals and honest feedback and I liked the group coaching approach. I will definitely be continuing with her and I’m looking forward working with her again. Highly recommended” – Alice – Small Business Owner – (Momentum)

“Emma is a very personable Co-Active Coach. After an initial session, she identified the brilliant bits of my life and the ones that need attention. We’ll be doing some serious goal setting and I know with Emma by my side, I’ll be on my way to achieving them quickly – Highly recommended” – Michael – Small Business Owner

“AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!! That is what I felt when I had a coaching session with Emma. She helped me unlock a part of me that I did not know I had, and I would recommend her to anyone. She also set me a challenge, which I exceeded. I could not of done that without Emma. IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE …” – Matt – Property Developer (Momentum)

“If, like me, you find that the burden of being trapped in your head stops you from making decisions that affect positive change in your life, then hiring Emma is the first step towards a new horizon. While she is undoubtedly enthusiastic, empathetic and caring, her winning hand is that she invests an awful lot in personalising her coaching. You never feel like she’s working from a manual or that she is giving stock responses to common problems. In fact, rather than receive trite solutions, you’ll find that the work Emma puts into getting to know you as an individual will be reflected in her ability to inspire and motivate you to move on and make those long dreamed of plans come to fruition. A word of warning though: the journey might be a bumpy road and you will have to put the work in to get the most out of the experience. In the nicest, gentlest most encouraging way, Emma will pull no punches. She will make you aware of the task at hand and she will set realistic, measurable and tangible goals for you to accomplish between every session. Sometimes it can hurt to take that first step, but Emma is never anything less than one hundred percent encouraging. In short, she believes in you when you don’t and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching programme to anyone in need of inspiration.” – Dave – Copy Writer