Emma is a Godsend. She’s helped me do a lot of work on my perspective, boundaries and self-worth, making me realise I’m good enough and deserve to be treated as such… She does exactly what she sets out too and I love her and hate her in equal measure.’  Click here to read more from Lisa…

‘I was impressed with Emma as a person and what she was saying. It felt she was the right person to talk to when I needed a bit of help. I’d had coaching before which really helped but Emma offered a completely different perspective. She just got it every time we spoke.’  To read more about David’s Story click here.

‘Emma’s approach is challenging though she uses humour to make it feel like a positive experience which I like. It’s light and most sessions have a humorous element to them. The humour and positivity has been one of the best aspects of working with Emma.’ – Dr Catherine Richards – read the full story here.

‘I’ve had my own company for 15 years and I have 15 staff.  I’m married and we have chickens.  I don’t have a bad life, I have a great life!  I was however, struggling with the small things.  I was getting frustrated but rather than deal with it I’d get really angry. Things would really get on top of me and it would eat me up inside.  Click here to read more about Jane’s experience.

People don’t have to have a major issue for coaching or for something terrible to happen.  It’s just living.  We all could do with coaching from time to time.  In hindsight I’d reached a certain time in my life where I was thinking, who am I now?  It was essentially finding myself after a life time of change.  That’s what we do, we change constantly all of the time.’  If you want to read more about Louise’s story click here.

‘I have advanced in leaps and bounds since then and my life has taken a new direction – I passionately believe that Emma was the spark that ignited my new journey!’ read more from Sally

I was aware of a few coaches but I found Emma more approachable and felt comfortable with her. I knew she would be discreet and felt I could work with her in confidence.’  Click here to read more about George’s experience.

‘I was quite sceptical about coaching as I never really thought it would work for me but Emma was offering a free session just to try so I thought I’d have a go. It was hard to know what to expect having never done it before and I get the impression it works differently for everyone. Emma said to keep an open mind about it and see it at first as just a conversation.’  Click here to read more about Ben’s experience.

I’d come to a stage where I felt I was going nowhere.  I didn’t have a great deal of direction either in my personal life or business.  I just needed to get my confidence back, I call it my mojo.  I just needed to find that again.’  Click here to read more about Mark’s journey.

‘I’m more confident in myself: I talk more, challenge myself more and I’m more outgoing. Emma’s given me the confidence to have more conversations. It’s definitely helped my business, because I’m more assertive and confident which had had a knock on effect with my decision making.’  Click here to read more about John’s journey…

This client story is a little different, this is one which the lovely Mike Garner of Branding with Words has written and shared himself as a blog and I asked cheekily if I could use it and he said yes, so thank you Mike!  We have been working together for a while and this is a little bit about his experience in his own words… read more about Mike’s story.

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