Often people ask me what will they gain or how will they benefit from coaching, below are some client stories where you can read about real experiences, from real people I have worked with and find out about the benefits they have found from working with an experienced, trained and certified coach.

Firstly I would love you to meet George and learn a little about his experience:

George had reached a point in his life where he was questioning his career progression. Most of us spend at least a quarter of our time at work so when issues arise in this area of our lives, it can affect our general well-being greatly, often more than we realise. Coaching is a great way to bring about the clarity needed for changes in this area to create a positive shift forwards at work and a transformational impact in all areas of your life.

Before coaching

George met me at a networking event while promoting his business. After a quick chat, he became interested in my services.

I was aware of a few coaches but I found Emma more approachable and felt comfortable with her. I knew she would be discreet and felt I could work with her in confidence.

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Secondly I would love you to meet Ben, who has taken over the family business!

Being productive at work is something we all find challenging from time to time. Sometimes to-do lists can seem endless and it’s easy to reach the point of overwhelm. Ben started working with me to find ways of not just getting more done, but completing the tasks he wanted to do.

Before coaching

Ben first heard about the benefits of coaching when I spoke publicly at networking meetings. He’d known me for a while and after hearing me speak decided to try a taster session. Many people have reservations about the coaching process and Ben felt this way at first but was prepared to give it a go.

‘I was quite sceptical about coaching as I never really thought it would work for me but Emma was offering a free session just to try so I thought I’d have a go. It was hard to know what to expect having never done it before and I get the impression it works differently for everyone. Emma said to keep an open mind about it and see it at first as just a conversation.

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Now meet Mark,  a small business owner, read on to learn more about the impact coaching had for him:

Having reached a point in his life where he felt stuck, Mark wanted to identify the barriers so he could find himself again and move forwards with his life.

We all go through periods of feeling a lack in direction. This is normal and natural but frustrating when it happens.  The coaching process helps identify obstacles so action can be taken to create a more purposeful life.

Before coaching

After bumping into me at a local networking event, Mark felt he was at a stage where coaching might help him with how he was feeling.

I’d come to a stage where I felt I was going nowhere.  I didn’t have a great deal of direction either in my personal life or business.  I just needed to get my confidence back, I call it my mojo.  I just needed to find that again.

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What were the benefits for local business man John and challenging self-beliefs?:

Many of us come to the conclusion that the way we are is set and any challenges we face are difficult because of this.

A fixed mindset is normal and understandable but if left unchallenged can stop us doing the things in life that bring us enjoyment. We can all change and grow, regardless of our stage of life or circumstances. This isn’t always an easy process but coaching is a great way to bring about these changes.

Challenging self-beliefs

John came to me after seeing how coaching had helped someone else. This sparked an interest in the coaching process and how it might help him to make some changes.

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