I believe that a life without limits is a life well lived…

Choosing a coach is a big decision. There needs to be a connection so you can work together in partnership – which is why I offer a free discovery call and always have an initial introductory session.  They must have an obvious passion for helping you realise your potential and possess the skill, energy, and experience to encourage you to dismantle limiting beliefs. Finally, a great coach will always create a safe space for you to find the focus, confidence and drive you need to set tangible goals and realise them.

That’s where I come in. When you work with me, you’ll work with someone who has the skills, experience, and training to help you find clarity and make lasting changes. I will challenge you to dig deep within your personal resources and redefine your understanding of yourself.  I will help you to create enthusiasm, energy, and excitement about your future. During our journey together, you’ll develop the tools to overcome negative emotions and embrace life with purpose, happiness, and self-belief.

How do I work?

My coaching is always collaborative, supportive and client led. That means sessions are never about telling you what you need or offering quick solutions to problems. My approach is to help you access the wonderful inner resources available to you, so you gain fresh perspective on where you are and where you want to go. In doing this you’ll build habits and systems that will help you reach your goals with confidence.

What do I offer?

I offer 1-2-1 coaching remotely, so you can access my services wherever you are in the world. The sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs, which means they can be relaxed, challenging, fun, playful and everything in between. They are always confidential and focused on you and your goals, throughout.

I also offer the following workshops which you can find out more about below

Where do I start?

For more information about how I can help you, book a free 10-minute discovery session. Alternatively, if you want to dive straight in, you can book a 30-minute introductory session. I look forward to talking to you soon…

Building Resilience

A 90-minute shot of inspiration designed to help you build resilience in challenging times. The session begins with a powerful example of resilience in action, which leads to an interactive workshop.

By the end you’ll have a toolkit for building resilience in the present and practical strategies to help you build resilience for your future.


If you’re struggling for #LIFEworkbalance, this workshop will help you make room for “me” time. You will learn that restoring balance to your life is not only possible, but essential for good quality professional and personal relationships.

Mental Fitness

We often think of being ‘fit’ as a purely physical activity, but mental fitness is just as important to our wellbeing and sense of self. In this 60-minute workshop you’ll:

  • Learn about saboteurs and how they impact you
  • Discover the power of the sage and how you can use it!
  • Consider how, where, and why your saboteurs show up
  • Develop quick ways to manage your reactions

Finding Your Why!

Find out what inspires you and live your life with purpose and passion. This day long workshop will help you:

  • Explore and identify your why
  • Find ways to reconnect with your why when you need to
  • Identify ways to use your why to motivate you
  • Have a clear vision and action points to take away

Unlocking Your Full Potential!

Learn how to access your untapped potential in this exciting day long workshop. You’ll:

  • Spend time tapping into what really makes your heart sing
  • Identify ways to bring this into your daily life
  • Learn how to access this energy when you need it
  • Go away with clear ideas and action points to implement into your daily life
  • Receive a follow up accountability call

Can I really change?

Yes, you can.

Life gives us many reasons to feel that lasting change is impossible. You may, for example, have tried to do it on your own and found maintaining momentum difficult. You may have been in a challenging place for so long that you’ve resigned yourself to thinking that it’s just “who you are”. You may have had coaching in the past and derived little benefit from it.

The truth is the right coach, and the right environment can make powerful, long term sustainable change and transformation possible.  It is not always easy, but the process is life-changing, enlightening, energising and always worth it!

Am I the right coach for you?

I pride myself on my ability to help my clients realise their own potential. However, I am also aware that some coaches take on clients without really considering whether they are best placed to help them.

That is not the way I work. I invest in building a personal rapport that creates excitement and belief in your dreams and goals. To do this the relationship between us must be based on mutual commitment and understanding – that way you get the most value from the experience and stand the best chance of success.

To explore your coaching options with me, book a free 10-minute discovery session. Alternatively call me on 07956 679967 or send me an email at [email protected].

You may be thinking, ‘Can you help me if…?’

I have wide-ranging experience of coaching people to overcome:

  • Lack of direction and motivation
  • Feeling that they’re ‘stuck’ and unable move forward in life
  • Feeling that they’re unable to make empowering choices
  • Concerns about personal, professional, and family relationships
  • Lack of self-confidence/acceptance
  • Many more issues related to loss of self-esteem and lack of motivation

Where do I start?

For more information about how I can help you, book a free 10-minute discovery session. Alternatively, if you want to dive straight in, you can book a 30-minute introductory session. I look forward to talking to you soon…

You can also read powerful stories of personal and professional transformation on my client success stories page.