“Emma helped me find person I thought I’d lost.”

Rachel, partner in a successful business, was being put under huge pressure by someone connected to her company. The individual was extremely domineering and confrontational, effecting Rachel both professionally and personally.

Taking place over more than a year, interactions with the individual left Rachel feeling anxious, lacking in confidence and totally ground down. She’d started to withdraw from friends and family, feeling sensitive and, she says, imagining slights where none were intended. Being told by those around her to face conflict with conflict, she knew this wasn’t her way.

“There was no right way or wrong way… no chance to discuss anything. There was ONLY his way.”

Emma was recommended to Rachel by a business associate. Initially, Rachel felt resistant to the idea of coaching because she didn’t want to become a more confrontational person and felt this was where it might try and lead her.

“I’m the least confrontational person you’ll ever come across. With people telling me to toughen up, I thought it was the only way to deal with things. I really didn’t want to become that person, so felt a lot of resistance in the first couple of sessions.”

Recognising that Emma wasn’t trying to change her, Rachel felt a real turning point in the third session. Emma helped her understand that she could be exactly who she wanted to be to deal with the dominance of the person who was creating so much difficulty.

“Something clicked in me. I felt that the old me was still there – confident, capable, sure of what she’s doing. Emma helped me replace the withdrawn person I’d become with the person I used to be.”

Rachel says she felt excited about the different outcome she was now able to visualise. Affirmations, techniques and strategies to deal with the confrontation and methods of responding to the individual all helped to restore Rachel’s confidence.

“Emma was very good at pulling what I needed out of me, not telling me what she thought I needed to be. She let me find the answers myself and that definitely empowered me.”

Describing Emma as thorough, compassionate and reassuring, Rachel looks back on the experience as a liberating one. Initially finding it challenging to open up, she says that because of the coaching she knows that in the same situation she’d be able to deal with the conflict differently.

“I genuinely think that personal coaching is something that everyone should do, because I think it can make people a better version of themselves.”


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