“Thank you for coming and being one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever had.” – Denise Bretton – business Owner

I am an experienced public speaker with a strong track record of delivering presentations to large businesses, charities, and SMEs.

Attendees often say that they find my words inspirational. This is because they connect to me in authentic ways, as everything I talk about comes from lived experience and an unshakeable belief in the power of a positive attitude. It is a source of joy to meet others like this and build networks of people who leave my presentations energised, enthused, and ready to make changes to their personal and professional lives.

I am committed to empowering my audiences to overcome adversity and take away a firm belief that wherever they are on their journey, they can do the things they’ve always dreamed of.

I also give public talks about my career as the CEO of a successful social enterprise – ‘Embrace’ – as well as important, but neglected, subjects such as #LIFEworkbalance and deaf awareness.

Some of the topics I speak about:

  • My Journey– Learn how I overcame adversity by turning negatives into positives. I talk about the importance of reacting to setbacks in ways that nurture growth – even though we can’t always choose what happens to us.
  • #LIFEworkbalance– A talk about the ways we can achieve a better work life balance (I like #LIFEworkbalance) and the benefits to all of those around us, but most importantly to ourselves.
  • Social Enterprise– I am a social entrepreneur and have set up my own social enterprise Embrace FC CIC inspired by my personal story and a passion for real social change. I am also proud to be a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.
  • BSL (British Sign Language) and Deaf Awareness– I am trained to level 2 in BSL and love to share some basic signs and the importance of being deaf aware in life, but also in business. Being able to share my experience helps to increase deaf awareness and foster a more inclusive society
  • Travel and Adventure– Learn about the power of getting out of your comfort zone and following your dreams. Using stories from my travels, both a year travelling the world and a recent trip to India, I’ll show how you can overcome you fears, follow your muse and live the life you’ve always wanted to!

How to book me for your event

 If you’d like me to speak at your function or event, please contact me at [email protected] or call me on 07956 679967.

“I’ve never met anyone more passionate about empowering others than Emma. Saw her present to a group of 30 business individuals yesterday, the topic, her life so far in getting where she has today. Emma has suffered such adversity that would have made many others crumble and fall, but not Emma. She would have every right to be bitter and twisted at what life has thrown at her, but instead, she uses the adversity to make her stronger. It’s this drive and determination that Emma imparts to her clients in her coaching and mentoring role. Top girl!!” – Andrew Button – Mortgage Expert

Speaking at the Big Lunch Extras Community Camp at The Eden Project.  On behalf of my Social Enterprise Embrace PFC CIC, this is something I founded using all my skills and experience to support marginalised in East Anglia.


Emma Roache ACC

Speaking to a room full of business owners about choice and overcoming adversity.


Speaking at a Ladies Lunch event, speaking about Deaf Awareness and teaching some simple signs.