I love writing and sharing stories and experiences to help or inspire others! 

Travel and adventure

My first book, is an inspirational story of overcoming my fears and those of others, to follow my dream and travel the world and how it was the best year of my life!

You can purchase the book by contacting me at [email protected] if you would like a signed copy, or you can click here.

Here are some of my 5 star reviews from Amazon.

‘You Can’t Do That’ is like nothing else I’ve read. It’s not science fiction or fantasy and it has absolutely nothing to do with software development or management. The style was easy and simple and very readable. This isn’t a self help book, it’s a travel diary. In most cases you have to read between the lines to see the personal issues which Emma is overcoming, they are in no way exaggerated or over played. Although I’m in no two minds about her dislike of spiders!’ – Mr Paul J Grenyer.

‘Fantastic book with a very inspiring story. Makes you realise that anything is possible’ – James Ashdown

‘I really enjoyed it,the author really stretched herself doing something so out of her comfort zone,and it resonated with me.A lovely story that really brought to life the places she visited and is a real encouragement to try something different yourself,even if your heart is in your mouth at the beginning.’ – Dr John

‘Actually knowing the author personally made it a special read for me, but a highly recommended read for anyone thinking they can’t do something.  Get inspired by adventures across the planet and some funny moments! Don’t let anything hold you back!’ – Jonathan Hayman

Children’s Books

My children’s books have a coaching theme, sharing an important message in a fun and accessible way.  He even has his own website

Winston’s Secret Mission –  is about my rescue cat Winston and how he felt different and at times didn’t feel he fit in.

Winston’s New Home – is all about confidence and that how new things can feel tough, but usually work out in the end.

Winston’s New Friend – is all about how scary it can be when you meet new people, but they can actually be great fun!

You can buy a signed copy from me or buy direct from Amazon.

Here are a couple of my 5 star reviews from Amazon for Winston’s Secret Mission:

‘A lightheard tale of cat who felt he didn’t fit in, but finds happiness and friendship. My three year old has really enjoyed the story and illustrations, and asks for it repeatedly at bedtime!’ – Miss H

‘I bought this book for my granddaughter to help her during some turbulent family times. She loves it and reads it often. It has been a real help. She loves Winston!’ – LisaJ

My three year old daughter loves Winston’s adventures. She’s eagerly awaiting the next instalment. (This is secretly one of daddy’s favourites too…) Winston is such a cool dude. Brilliant fun! – Mr D Goodman

My little girl loved this book ! A great journey about a cat who didn’t quite fit in and the adventures he will go on, can’t wait for the next instalment and seeing where this takes Winston.  Well done Emma.  – Mark Brimson