This client story is a little different, this is one which the lovely Mike Garner of Branding with Words has written and shared himself as a blog and I asked cheekily if I could use it and he said yes, so thank you Mike!  We have been working together for a while and this is a little bit about his experience in his own words… you may identify a little with some of Mike’s story, you may have some unhelpful belief from childhood holding you back, many of us do, its OK, I can help you with that.

‘I almost killed both my parents.

Or so I thought.

The guilt that came with thinking that crippled me for years.

Of course, I came nowhere near finishing them off. My mother retained her placenta during childbirth, and my father contracted encephalitis by picking up measles from me.

Both severe problems but in no way my fault. And they survived.

And let’s not get dramatic, my childhood was like anyone else’s.

  • No terrible abuse or hardship
  • We always had enough food
  • The family was supportive

But the stories we tell ourselves form our attitudes for the future. And that’s the thing.

I told myself that everything that went wrong was my fault. And the best way to avoid things going wrong was to do nothing. Don’t commit to anything real, however much you’d love to – you won’t be disappointed that way.

I was naturally shy through school and as a young adult, I didn’t dare push the boundaries.

I always felt something was missing.

My guilt complex stopped me from achieving what I wanted to achieve because I was too afraid of asking for things. Too afraid of rejection.

So I went into a shell. For many years.

I got depressed. I failed and was somehow happy with that.

But, and it’s a big but.

I always knew any situation we find ourselves in is transient. And better is on its way.

And better came.

Nothing changed outwardly, but I realised I could trust myself. I wouldn’t fuck things up.

I could be honest about me and my world because I’m good at what I do.

We’re all like that. We all should be proud of what we do.

No-one has the right, starting with you, to say you’re not good enough.

That’s what communication is all about. Being honest and clear about what you believe in. And shouting it from the hilltops.’

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