Firstly I would love you to meet George and learn a little about his experience:

George had reached a point in his life where he was questioning his career progression. Most of us spend at least a quarter of our time at work so when issues arise in this area of our lives, it can affect our general well-being greatly, often more than we realise. Coaching is a great way to bring about the clarity needed for changes in this area to create a positive shift forwards at work and a transformational impact in all areas of your life.

Before coaching

George met me at a networking event while promoting his business. After a quick chat, he became interested in my services.

I was aware of a few coaches but I found Emma more approachable and felt comfortable with her. I knew she would be discreet and felt I could work with her in confidence.

George had not seen a coach before so it was a completely new experience for him.

I was extremely sceptical. When Emma offered the 30-minute free session to get rid of the sceptics I thought why not have a go, why not have a look and see if there’s anything there. Emma told me to turn up with an open mind. After the first session, I signed up.

Some clients are not sure what they want to get out of coaching, though many people like George have an awareness.

I was hitting a wall in terms of career progression after trying many things. I was fully qualified, fully competent and capable but hitting a few barriers. What I wanted to do was explore different means of understanding the approach I was using and I felt I could get this from coaching.

The Coaching

Coaching is a unique experience for everyone and depending on what comes up, it can take many different forms.

Emma has many techniques she can use in specific situations to access different thought processes and depending on what you’re talking about, she’ll use a different technique to encourage open thinking about what you’re discussing.

Through open thinking and exploration, the conditions arise for many different thoughts and ideas to come to the surface during a session.

Emma can adapt to the situation but can be direct with you if she needs to be to get it out there but she’s also non-judgemental so you can talk about absolutely anything and feel comfortable doing so.

During sessions, I create a safe space to make clients comfortable yet I challenge them to face the reality of their thoughts and feelings so they can change their lives.

The Outcome of Coaching

It’s very difficult to know what the outcome of coaching will be at the beginning as it often takes a different direction for each person, bringing to the surface elements from all areas of life.

At the beginning, from an academic background and experience I started to look inward and think maybe the issues I had were because of the way I approach things or I was being seen by others in a different way. What was happening was slightly different.

Coaching is organic and quite often takes the client on a journey to a new understanding of their situation.

I got in touch with what was going on subliminally in my mind and holding me back though they’re things you don’t think about on a daily basis unless you talk with someone completely independent. So, when you do, it allows you to look a bit deeper and understand what’s going on more in your own mind and how it’s effecting your everyday life.’

After coaching, clients quickly feel different about themselves and their situation.

The best thing about coaching is the feeling after sessions. Emma promotes self-awareness and self-confidence. It’s something that really gives you a buzz.’

The outcome of coaching varies between clients, though in George’s case it helped him make changes in his work life, which had a positive knock on effect on his personal life.

‘I’ve overcome some issues and it’s enabled me to alter my business persona. In doing so, I’ve achieved more in terms of creating space in my personal life. That’s not what I initially went to see Emma for but that’s what the biggest benefit has been.

My mind set has changed and its helped me re-establish my confidence. It’s also helped create self-awareness about my achievements. I definitely feel more positive since coaching.

I went with a belief, with an objective I was trying to achieve and that’s changed throughout time. By processing things better, its helped free up more space in my mind away from the workplace which has allowed me to be freer to put more effort into what I do outside of work.

I would recommend people try the free session with Emma because you don’t know where it might take you or what it might bring up. The best thing about working with Emma is that it allows you to release your own potential, whatever that happens to be.

If you’d like to experience coaching, book yourself a free session.

I’d love to find out more about you.