Receiving testimonials like this from my clients fill me with joy.  The whole reason I do this work is to help people to really become themselves again and using Emily’s words… to become EPIC again!

‘I’ve known Emma for years and for whatever reason only decided to work with her recently.

Well, what a revelation! Every call we unearth some stuff that has been holding me back or affecting how I interact. And every call Emma then offers very gentle cues to help me to dig a bit deeper and ultimately reframe things to change narratives that are no longer serving me.

I had worried that by doing this work over the phone, Emma might miss some of the signs I inadvertently give off through my body language, but she is so intuitive that she still picks up on the tiny changes in tone of voice and other things I don’t even notice I’m doing.

When she spots something like this, she will then revisit whatever the topic was, and we dig into it a bit more.

Because of our businesses, I have known Emma for many years, and as a result I initially had a bit of a concern that I might not be as candid in what I talk about as I potentially would with a stranger with whom I only had the coach/client relationship, but Emma creates such a safe space in each session that I never feel anything I divulge would impact our relationship outside of the coaching or even be in Emma’s mind when we see each other in any other context.

Emma is very gifted, and it’s an honour to be her client.’

Emily Barclay, Founder of Perimenopause Hub