Valentines Day Thoughts

By 14/02/2024Uncategorized

Today is Valentines day, a commercial construct to make money and as Tina Turner said, ‘What’s love go to do with it?’.

I know that for many, today is another day where people are expected to spend money they don’t have, creating unnecessary pressure and making some people feel isolated and lonely.

Love is important and the person we need to love most is ourselves, not in an arrogant way, but in a compassionate, empathetic way, one that is nurturing and kind, which is supportive and encouraging. We deserve to love ourselves, to honour ourselves, to show ourselves the consideration we show to others.

I think showing people you love them throughout the year, through little meaningful gestures, is way more impactful than adhering to a commercial construct, whether it be friends, family, partners, or yourself! Buy those little gifts, have a treat out, make a special breakfast, buy those flowers, take that beach walk or whatever works for you… but do it because it is meaningful.

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Until next time,

Keep smiling,