Long weekends the reality for some!

I have been meaning to write a blog about this for a while, but the timing hasn’t felt right before…

I am sharing this, because I feel that many people may feel this way, but it isn’t always OK to voice it.  Something I pride myself in, is being real, talking about stuff which is difficult, the stuff that doesn’t always get said, but often gets felt… 

It may feel counter intuitive, that someone in my position shares something like this, but being real and authentic is important to me and how can I expect my clients to open up and share their deepest feelings with me, when I don’t do the same?

So back to topic, long weekends, be it bank holidays, Easter or Christmas, these are times of celebration, to get the family together, to spend time with loved ones and so on… this is wonderful and I love that people do this and I see the joy it brings them, it makes me happy to see it.

On the flip side, there are those of us who may not have family, or be far away from family; there may be some of us who for many reasons, no longer have that special loved one in their lives, or live far from their close friends; or have great friends around, but they are busy doing the family thing, just as they should be.  Some of us may be unwell and not able to carry out our plans or may be in a tricky relationship, or just can’t afford to join in with the fun; the list could go on…

Now just take a moment to imagine what this is like, what it feels like to be in that situation?   In short… it sucks…

The thing is many of us in this situation have gained wonderful knowledge and wisdom from our experiences.  We are strong, resilient, courageous, self-sufficient and many other things.  We are the masters of disguise… we want to reassure everyone, and sometimes ourselves, that we are OK, and for the most part, guess what, we are!

However, sometimes, just now and then, like the long weekends filled with family fun and such like, we are something else, or at least can be at times, and that something is incredibly lonely…

Don’t get me wrong, there are many times when this time away from the world is a wonderful gift, a time to check out of life and recharge the batteries; to enjoy that wonderful solace that can be found in your own company.

At other times when things are a bit tough, we are facing challenges, have things on our mind, or we just need some human interaction.  These long weekends can be a real endurance, a torture, a time of being reminded of that which we don’t have, of the plans made which will never come true, the dreams of having a warm loving family around us, a sense of belonging.

So although these long weekends are a gift and fill many of us with joy.  I know from experience, that for some of us they bring huge challenge, another time when we have to dig deep, to draw on our resources and get through it.  It isn’t like it every time, but it is sometimes.

Ways to cope can be planning stuff in whether that be total relaxation, getting that long neglected to do list done, seeing who is around who you can catch up with, booking in some activities, volunteering, you name it, there are things we can do, but even then it can be a challenge.

The great news is that it is temporary, it passes and we get through it, stronger than before.  I have written this to raise awareness, to reach out to people who may too at times feel this way, so say that you are not alone; you are not the only one.

I hope this has touched you in some way, has raised awareness, or at the very least given a different perspective for those who thankfully do not know what this feels like.  However, if you do and you feel you want to get in touch, please do, or if you feel you would like to work with me, then you know what to do, as always feel free to book your free sample session, it could be a waste of 30 minutes of your time, or it could just change your life!

Until next time!


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