During Covid-19 many of us have been given the gift of time, we have been given the opportunity to assess what is really important to us.  If you read my blogs regularly, follow me on social media or receive my monthly email, one thing you will know about me it that I hugely value and advocate #LIFEworkbalance, many people call if work life balance, however I prefer my way, it puts the emphasis on what I see at the most important part, LIFE!

Before Covid-19, I would talk to people about the importance of this, and they would listen, maybe smile and then get back to doing what they always do, back to ‘normal’.  They used to think I was crazy, how can you have a good #LIFEworkbalance and be successful?

I am in the business of helping people to be happier and have better relationships in life and business.  Reducing stress and looking after you helps you to be happier and guess what… it leads to better relationships in life and business!  I know this from my own experience, from working with my amazing clients, but also from my extensive training and studies, my most recent course being the Science of Happiness with Yale University, what I am talking about is based in science.

With this in mind, during Covid-19 what reflections have you made?  What have you noticed about what is truly important to you?  Have you enjoyed having a better #LIFEworkbalance?  Have you felt less stressed?

Think about this… what do you miss from pre-covid and want to bring into your future?  Also what do you want to leave behind?  This is a wonderful time to reflect and reassess to find ways to be happier, to create a much better #LIFEworkbalance, to give time and space to the things which really matter to you, we don’t have to return to life as we knew it, this is a wonderful time to create the life we want, the life which will make us happier, so we can have better relationships in life and business, and most importantly with ourselves. 

I help people with this kind of thing all of the time, I love my work and I am grateful everyday, I get to help people be happier, more confident, to really work out what is important to them and find a better #LIFEworkbalance, which makes me happy too!  How good is that, if you want to know more, please do get in touch or book yourself and introductory session.

Until next time, stay safe and keep smiling!