When you are self-employed or in a high pressured job, you often get the uneasy feeling that ‘I should be working’, I know this, because I work on it lots with my clients in the search for a better #LIFEworkbalance, but not only that, I too had to work hard to achieve that for myself in the past.

I am guessing you can identify with this in some way, whether it resonates with you now, you recognise your old self, or you know someone who struggles to switch off.

I often hear; this needs to be done, I feel better if I do it, it helps me to prepare for the next day, I have always done it this way, there are just not enough hours in the day, the work is never ending.  Sound familiar?

So I question, if the work is never ending, will doing a few extra hours in the evening or the weekend help or in reality will it not make a difference?  Does it really make you feel better?  Or does it make you tired, stressed, unrefreshed, unfulfilled and unhappy?

In reality are you craving time out; time to rest and do nothing (that is allowed I promise), to get down the gym or take an exercise class, have a walk in nature, catch up with friends and family, or do a much loved hobby?  Would those things REALLY make you feel better?

I know the answer to this based on years of getting it wrong and from working with my lovely clients.

I give myself and my clients the wonderful gift of the permission to take time out, time to re-energise, to not work, to have fun, to be themselves again, to remember what just ‘being’ is really like…

We can all work ourselves silly to build a future, but what is the use in that if we don’t enjoy living now?  And, tough as this may seem nothing is guaranteed, so enjoying now is really all we have, yes plan and build the future, but not at the expense of now.

So how do I do this… because although I know all of this and live it, I still have to catch myself at times!  So when a friend messaged me saying they were going to be in town, go for a walk down the beach and a swim, during the day, on a Friday, instead of saying no I have to work, catch up on emails, do my accounts etc  (sound familiar?), I said yes!

Even walking to the beach for a minute a little voice in the back of my head said, I should be working, but then I thought no actually, I should be living, being care free, leaving the phone at home and going for a swim in the sea was exactly what I needed in that moment, what fun, what an adventure…

I had a wonderful time, catching up with a couple of friends, having a swim in the sea which is so healing and freeing, seeing a grey seal, having an ice cream and a coffee was exactly the right thing to do.  Yes I am sitting here at 8pm writing my blog, when I could have done it earlier, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I couldn’t go and do those things now, but I can do this now.  I am also refreshed, fulfilled, happy and motivated, because I allowed myself some time out.

I know from my own experience and from the feedback from my clients, that knowing and practising this is life changing, you can do it and it is not a waste of time it is essential, you will be happier, more fulfilled, rested and motivated if you allow yourself to take time to enjoy now.

Plan for the future and don’t be reckless of course, but don’t get so busy planning the future that now gets lost and forgotten about.  You don’t have to brave the North Sea, but you can make a change whatever that may be, you can say no to that voice saying ‘I should be working’ in the pursuit of a better and more healthy #LIFEworkbalance.  What will it be for you?  I would love to hear from you.

If you would like some help with this, please do get in touch I would love to see what I can do to help you, because it isn’t always easy, it can be a real challenge, but I can assure you it will be worth it.  Or maybe even book yourself an introductory session, 30 minutes of your time could just change your life!

Until next time,


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