‘I wish I was as good, happy, and successful as they are…’

I was at a networking event a while back and was chatting away with someone I had just met, when he said to me that he was feeling like everyone else in the room was so much better, happier and more successful than him.  Does that sound familiar to you?

I was a little surprised he said this and I think he was too, he came across really confidently.

So how did I respond?  I let this guy into a little secret and I will share it with you too! 

Everyone in the room has felt like that at some point, they may be feeling it right now.  I know this because being a coach, people naturally find me easy to talk to and open up to.  Lots of other people have said this to me, I also coach some of my clients on topics like this, and I have felt this way myself (yes I am human too).

It got me thinking and has inspired me to write this blog, how many times have you felt this way, whether it is in your business, career or life in general?  I am guessing everyone has experienced this at one time or another too? 

As I have said, I know I have certainly felt that way at times, at events in the early days of running my business, or when previously starting a new job, or going to a new fitness class, you name it… these feelings can strike at any time.

The thing to remember is that most other people are feeling or have felt that way too, and believe it or not, you may be the person they look at thinking ‘I wish I was as good, happy, and successful as them…’.

When you notice this, it can help you to know that you are not alone, that some days we all need to paint a smile on, take a deep breath and take that step forwards, to believe in ourselves and to put those fears and anxieties to one side.  We all have them and that’s OK, that is being human, but it’s how we respond to them that counts and our response is something that we get to choose.

Having this new awareness is important for us to feel better and change the way we think and feel, however it also helps us respond to others, knowing that they may feel a little insecure too may help us to treat them a little more gently, a little more kindly.

Once the guy I was talking to had this lightbulb moment, it brought him a sense of freedom, of clarity, it gave him confidence, he was also able to be that little bit kinder to himself and believe in himself that little bit more.

This can be you too, no one person is better than another, we are all different and have different strengths to share and bring to every situation, I believe in you, you are good enough!

Feel free to book yourself a free 30 minute sample session, I’d love to take that first step with you.

Until next time!