I have been thinking a lot recently about my wish for the world, but also my message and gift to the world and with some of the things we are seeing and experiencing right now, I feel it is a good time to share this.

I know I am doing the work I was put on the earth to do, I am living my life purpose, so much so my work doesn’t ever feel like work, it feels like a real honour and I am incredibly grateful to be able to walk alongside people as they embark on their life changing journeys. Giving them a safe space, filled with love and free from judgement, where they can embrace any vulnerabilities and discover who they really are, who they could be if only they had belief in themselves and the knowledge that they are good enough and that they do deserve to fulfil their dreams.  I nurture, challenge, encouraging and support them to grow in confidence and self-belief, I watch them bravely make bold choices in service of creating the world they want to live in, leaving behind old unhelpful habits and creating new helpful and exciting ones, in line with the life they want to create, side stepping the hurdles and doubts which have held them back for so long and I get to see them unlock their full potential.

However, my wish for the world is even bigger than this, my wish for the world is that we can all grow in compassion, love and empathy, not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones, our fellow human beings and our amazing world around us. Celebrating appreciating and really connecting with ourselves, each other and our environment.

I have always found joy in the simple things in life, a walk on the beach, a wild flower blooming (some people call them weeds, to me they are beautiful wild flowers), a bee buzzing away going about its business, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, pretty clouds (much to some of my friends amusement), however I feel that finding joy in the simple things, gives us the opportunity to find and experience joy more often and from that place of being happy, we engage differently with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

My wish is for us to celebrate and embrace difference, to appreciate the beautiful variety in people, cultures and countries in our world. To approach differences from a place of curiosity, wonder and an openness to learn and understand, not a place of fear, anxiety and defensiveness. My wish for the world is that we learn and grow together, we approach life from a place of love and possibility, excited to learn and understand more, to create a world where inclusivity and a global community is the norm, where we are all working towards a collective goal. Where we look outside more to learn, gather information and increase knowledge, and then look inside to challenge our own thinking, attitudes and beliefs and deepen our understanding using that greater knowledge to grow and to create good in the world.

So this is my wish for the world, a different blog from usual, written from the heart, with love and compassion. Sometimes the changes we want to see in the world have to come first from within and I truly believe that through the work I do, I can raise awareness and bring a voice to some things which are unsaid, and I can help people to create more compassion, empathy, awareness and happiness within, which then spreads through improved relationships and greater fulfilment, because when we act from a place of love, not fear, we become more aware of our impact in the world.

My question to you, is what is your wish for the world?

If this has spoken to you, I would love to hear from you, I love it when people get in touch after reading one of my blogs. And of course as always, if you would like to explore this further and are interested in working with me, do please get in touch or book in for an introductory session.

Until next time,