This a topic close to my heart and something I feel I need to speak about more, because it impacts so many people and the impact is deep and long lasting, and it can also change with the right help, support and by increasing our awareness of what is really happening.

Some of us didn’t grow up in loving supportive environments.

Instead, we learnt that playing small was safer, we were taught it was not ok to be us…

Sound familiar?

I wonder…

What if you were given permission to fully be you?

What would be different?

If this does this sound familiar to you, you are not alone, the thing is many of us have experienced this, and don’t want it to define us now, and are living with the consequences and don’t know how to put words to what and how we are feeling, often because we are frequently misunderstood.  We grow up thinking we are not good enough, we are not allowed to be us, we need to meet certain criteria to be accepted and it just isn’t true or fair.

The thing is no child deserves to grow up in this way, no adult deserves to doubt themselves and criticise themselves because that is all they have known, and although they want to make a change they just don’t know how.  Spoiler alert I can help with this and I know it works, because I have done it for myself and continue to, we are all works in progress.  I also help others all of the time, believe me, it is possible!

Firstly, it is important for us to recognise the impact of growing up in an unsupportive environment and/or not having family support in your life.  Not everyone understands what this is like and it can be easy to dismiss, however we must not underestimate how it feels. 

Everything feels harder, it is like starting a game with minus points or as someone recently said to me, it is like starting a football match 1 goal down before you have even started, and I think for some of us, me included it could be like starting a football match 2 or 3 goals down, before ever lacing our boots and all of it out of our control, this can feel incredibly unfair, and do you know what it is unfair.

The thing is, we didn’t choose that, however we can choose what happens next, we have control over how we show up, how we behave and the choices we make going forwards.  I have been doing talks about this for the past 10 years, because it is important to know that there can be another way.

We just need someone with a map and torch to light up the next few steps so we can move forwards down the unfamiliar path where things can be different.

Finding the right person to guide you down this path is important, it may be me, you may feel you are drawn to working with me, and in which case lets have a chat, you can book a free discovery call.  However, it may not be me and that is ok too, what is important is that you find the right person for you and your journey.

I will be the right person for some people due to who I am and my approach, and also because of my experiences, which include childhood trauma, becoming homeless and estranged from my family at 16, and being a domestic abuse survivor, some people will resonate with this, some people won’t.

I have walked this path myself and honestly, it sometimes still impacts me, however I have years of training, study and experience behind me which give me the tools I need to thrive and to recover more quickly when the doubt creeps back in, and I help others to do this too. 

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Until next time,

Keep smiling,

Emma x