I am not for everyone… and that is ok!

For years and years, I have avoided having a niche, it didn’t feel right for me, I don’t like putting people in boxes or giving them labels, and then yesterday I was having a chat with some people about marketing, and they said to me that it is so clear who your people are, it is people like you! 

And suddenly it all fell into place!

I have often been told to be more serious, less playful, once someone even told me I was too happy, can you believe that?  However, I think this is a symptom of the society we live in as opposed to how I show up in the world and in my business, society wants us us to fit neatly into categories, and guess what, people are not like that we are complex and multifaceted!

What I am is authentically, wholeheartedly, and unashamedly me, and my clients, LOVE THAT!!!

There are plenty of other coaches out there who are serious, wear power suits and fit into the perception of what a coach ought to be and do what society thinks a coach ought to do.  THAT IS NOT ME!

I will bring what you need, not what you think you want, I will wear bright colourful clothes and bring joy and fun and light heartedness, I will also bring a deep empathy and compassion which cannot be taught, because that is what makes me different, that is my niche, my niche is being different and being wholehearted and creating a space where people can be themselves without judgement.

I will be playful and human in my coaching, and unashamedly so, and that is why I work with and can relate to people from all walks of life, from teenagers to CEO’s and everyone in between and have great success with them all, and I love the variety, it makes me happy! 

This is why when I work in the corporate world, it is with forwarding thinking conscious businesses, because they are my people and I am the right coach for them, they want something different, relatable and human!

The fact I am fun, light-hearted friendly and playful in my approach is the thing which allows others to be themselves, to feel vulnerable to allow themselves to be who they are. Unfortunately, society sometimes sees this as being less, as being foolish as not being credible.

However, I have over 16 years of experience, having delivered over 3000hrs of coaching, I have experienced and overcome numerous extreme and adverse life experiences which many people will never have to contend with, I have years of training and I am a credentialed Master Certified Coach, I have a BSc in Combined Social Sciences and Criminology and I am on track to complete my MSc in Psychology this June (2024).  I have a unique blend of life experience, professional experience, formal training, and academic study combined with a healthy dose of humanness which I bring to my coaching.

I frequently win over the most sceptical of clients and teams, who feel coaching is too fluffy, or ineffective or a waste of time.  I do this because of my approach, being human and relatable, from being an expert in my field, but never the expert on you, the fact I can put people at ease with my playfulness, bringing fun and lightness when needed!  I can compassionately hold space and sit with you when emotions come.  I can also be tough, direct and bring robust challenge, always from a place of service and love, gently edging you out of your comfort zone to give you the space to grow, to develop, to increase your awareness and to evolve and become who you always knew you could be, and maybe even a bit more!

I am frequently told that people are attracted to working with me because I am different, because I come across as human and relatable.  So, I celebrate this and will continue to show up in this way because it is who I am, and I am the coach that some people are looking for!

So if you are wanting to live a fuller, happier life with purpose, on purpose, if you want to show up as your full authentic self, unashamedly and wholeheartedly, then maybe, just maybe I am the right coach for you!

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Until next time,

Keep smiling!

Emma x