Value your Values – ‘Working with you saved me £20k’

I was recently working with a client, when they said that since working with me, they had saved at least £20k in their business.  Sounds extreme, but it is true.  How did this happen?

I am not magic by any means and I cannot promise to save you £20k in your business, after all I don’t give financial or business advice, in fact this may surprise you, but as an authentic coach, I never tell anyone what to do!

What I do is help people identify what is important to them, what their values are personally and professionally.  Connecting with our values is a really useful and powerful tool.  When we have an increased awareness of what our values are, what we hold dear, our inner most belief system, we can use this to inform our decisions, things become easier, clearer and we feel better. 

From that place, a place of knowing what they value most, I am able to challenge my clients to make informed decisions about their life and work/business.

Are you still wondering how this saved my client over £20k?  Having the clarity of their values, they were able to reflect on their business and really get to the bottom of what was important to them, but more importantly what was no longer important to them and no longer served them. 

In business it can be really easy to fall into the trap of doing things because ‘we think we should’ or ‘everyone else does’ or a real classic, which we have all either done or heard ‘we’ve always done it that way!’ any of these sound familiar?

Once my client was able to review their business in line with their values they felt much more comfortable using a two letter word, which many of us are scared of, that word is ‘NO’.  Saying no frightens many of us… ‘what will people think of me?’, ‘will it impact on my business’, ‘people might not like me if I say no…’  You ever noticed yourself thinking like this in life or work/business?

Guess what, saying no to things, people or situations which no longer serve us, based on our value systems is liberating, it means we get to say yes to and focus on the things we want to say yes to! 

Working with me enabled my client to simply start using the word no more and to be comfortable in doing it.  That alone has saved them over £20k, I think we can all agree that is powerful and rewarding for any business.  We don’t have to do the things other businesses do just because we are told that is how things are done, we can say no to products and services which do not serve us or our businesses, the things which do not align with us and our values.

This then means we can say yes to the things, people and situations which align with us and our values, the things which do serve us.  Things will then start to feel and become easier, things will flow more and we will feel the benefit and so will our work /businesses.   

What do you value and hold dear?  Where can you use this more in your life and work/business?  If you did this, what could be possible? If you feel like you would like some help, do please get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat, or maybe even book yourself an introductory session, 30 minutes of your time could just change your life!

Until next time!